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About a week before our new baby was due, I snapped a few pictures of the “getting ready” phase. There were piles of pink frilly, from friends and loved ones.


There were stacks of diapers and wipes, also gifts from friends. I carefully organized the diapers by size, lining up the various packages that accumulated. Newborn first, which would get me up to about 10 pounds. Then the size 1 packages, which would see me through 14 pounds.


I snapped a picture of The Belly, to have a visual record of what 40 weeks of Baby looks like. (It looks like a whole lot of ROUND. That is what it looks like.)


Then, one morning, I realized I was in my last days of SJ being the youngest, and I wanted to spoil him. Just a little bit.

One of his favorite things about any holiday is Jell-O. My aunt is in charge of making sure it shows up to every major family dinner throughout the year, and he is in charge of making sure there are never any left-overs. I decided to earn some Major Mommy Points by throwing together a pan of blue Jell-O, and a container of chocolate pudding as well. Simple things, that only took a minute to mix up, but I knew I wouldn’t have that moment free again for quite some time.


And then, we waited for the Princess to arrive.


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My kids are in bed for the night. It always seems like a struggle, but tonight was particularly drawn out. (This is probably directly related to how tired their parents were. Heh.) I finally got them in bed at 9:45, but neither one looked very ready to nod off. Thankfully, I keep a bottle of lavender oil around for just such an occasion. A drop on each of their necks, and they were out within 10 minutes. Amazing stuff….

Tonight, our bedtime story was called Grandma’s Hurrying Child, by Jane Yolen. It’s a beautiful birth story while being completely non-graphic. It prompted all sorts of questions from the kids, though. Ming Wai, especially. I told the two of them about THEIR birth stories. Ming Wai was a WAITING child. A trip to the hospital late at night, sent home the next morning, waiting all day, going BACK to the hospital that night, and she was born the next morning. (By the time she came out, all I wanted was a NAP. Lo Gung was in the same boat. My father was the first one to make it to the hospital, since he worked just down the street. I handed him the baby, gave him some sort of mumbled congratulations, and promptly passed out.)

Siu Jeun was a bit quicker. I woke up in the middle of the night, calmly charted contractions all night, and waited for Lo Gung to get up in the morning. I told him it was just about time to go. We dropped Ming Wai off at a friend’s house after breakfast, and Siu Jeun was born a few hours later. Lo Gung picked Ming Wai up around dinner time. Atta boy.

Of course, birth stories lead to other questions, and Ming Wai seemed FULL of them tonight. How does the baby get out? Do they have to cut you open? Does the doctor reach in and pull her out? Will you still love me? Or will you love her best? Finally, Ming Wai decided that I should love Ming Wai…and love Siu Jeun more than Ming Wai…and Ming Wai more than Siu Jeun…and Penelope Picklebottom (catchy, no?) more than Ming Wai and Siu Jeun. Because that would make sense to her. “Uhh…does that make sense to you, Ming Wai?” I got a solemn nod. “Alright. Then, yes. That’s exactly how it will be.”

There are a LOT of unknowns as I prepare to go from Mama To Two to Mama To Three. (Not the least of which is HOW WILL I STAY SANE WITH MORE CHILDREN THAN HANDS?! I mean, have you MET Siu Jeun?!) The one thing I need the children to be sure of, though, is that there is MORE than enough love to go around. And they will adore their new sister as well.

Except when they don’t, because sometimes they won’t. And that’s normal, too.

(Wish us luck! Just a few days over 7 weeks until D Day.)

(Ming Wai and Siu Jeun playing with trains at the Children’s Museum. They have GOBS of tracks and trains at home, and haven’t touched them in a year. Go figure.) 

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Oh, people. First off, if you’ve never been pregnant…I’ll explain it to you. Imagine wearing a backpack backwards, so it’s on your chest instead of your back. How, put a cat inside, and zip it up. Then add about 15 pounds of books, and cinch the bag on good and tight. Occasionally the cat will wake up and stretch and move around in the bag. That’s normal. She might even poke you and feel like she’s trying to break out. Also, normal. (Oh, and hiccups? It feels like someone stuck a bass amp in your gut, and is playing a steady beat.)

Got all that? Good. Now, imagine that all of your muscles have developed the attention span of a two year old. They can’t sit still, no matter how much you order them to. They must dance! Move! Sway! I think this is nature’s way of getting us ready for a demanding newborn, but I could be wrong.


Now, finally, go to sleep.


Ha! Gotcha, didn’t I? Sleep, just like sitting still, is really REALLY hard to come by. It’s work! There are a lot of nights I fall into bed, only to realize 45 minutes later that sleep just isn’t happening. Last night was a perfect example.

I went to the gym yesterday, so by bedtime I was BEAT. I collapsed into bed just after 10. At 11:45, I was still rolling over and over, trying to get comfortable. My legs were ITCHY, and Baby was kicking around…it was a party, y’all. I’ve been lucky – Lo Gung has been falling asleep super fast, so I don’t feel too guilty if I’m restless. (One of us has to get up in the morning and make money…and it’s not me! Therefore, sleep is a bit more imperative for one of us than the other.) However, last night I must have pushed my luck too far. I heard Lo Gung pull his hands out of the warm blankets and…slap himself in the face. I kid you not. I have no idea WHY he did it (and neither does he!) but when your husband slaps himself in the face because you are keeping him from resting peacefully…it’s time to look for alternate situations.

I’m 7 1/2 months pregnant, and generally uncomfortable. Also, my legs were super itchy. So I did the only thing that made sense – I pulled a rob on, grabbed my little pot of “halawa*” and…went into the kitchen to wax my legs. At 11:45pm. Because it made perfect sense.

(*Halawa is a candy/sticky goop made of sugar, lemon, water and salt. You can use it to remove body hair, just like wax. It’s called “sugaring.”) 

45 minutes later, my legs didn’t itch anymore, but I still couldn’t sit still. So I moved on to Plan B: Play Solitaire on the couch until you just can’t keep your eyes open anymore. (That magical threshold happened around 1:30pm.)

The Moral of this Story: There isn’t one. But aren’t you glad you aren’t 7 months pregnant…or married to a woman who is, and slapping yourself in your sleep to see if it will get her to calm down and fall asleep?

You’re welcome. Now, I’m going to bed. If you need me, I’ll be on facebook in about an hour and a half, waiting to fall asleep!

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Seriously?! Nobody?

Oh well – since you were ALL wrong (and I can prove it), then you can all lose together. Enjoy your joint bragging rights. 😉

So, I am here to announce, the winning date is: (drumroll please….)

December 13!

Wait, wait…isn’t that…*gasp*..that’s TODAY!” (Bet you didn’t know i could read minds, did you?)

Yes, dear friends – Baby Siu-Jeun has graced us with his presence a full 5 days early. If you like gory details, please leave a comment and I’ll give you a more full account. (Don’t worry – I won’t get TOO gory…I’ll just give you boring details like times, lengths of time…basically a lot of numbers. :-))

If you’re just here for the important stats, here you go:

Siu-Jeun was born around 4:30 in the afternoon and weighed in at a whopping 7 lbs 14 0z. (His sister was 8 lbs, 7 oz.) He was 21″ long. He’s a dream come true, and we’re all in love!

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>Little man, I think this is it. After a few days of on again, off again contractions (and a lot of whining on your mama’s part), I think you may be preparing to make your grand entrance. It is 7 am – the sun is just rising. There was a HUGE rainstorm on Thursday, and the lake water rose and rose and rose on Friday, covering at least 12′ of our yard. The edge of the lake is frozen now, blotting out part of our lawn with white.

I have been up since 3:30, when your contractions roused me from my slumber. (Let’s hope, for both our sakes, this isn’t a sign of things to come, alright?) Did you know, if you live on the East Coast and all your family is on the West cost….and your friends on the East Coast keep normal, human hours…there are a few hours of the day where you will feel, if you are up, that you are the only. soul. awake. Those hours happen to be between 3 am and 8 am.

Your sister is asleep down the hall – I really don’t think she understands what’s going on. Daddy’s asleep upstairs – if he woke up and found me gone, it wouldn’t be the first time this week. He thinks it’s a game. He goes to sleep, and I’m there. He wakes up, and I’m gone! He goes back to sleep…when he wakes up again, I’m there again! (You and I have had a few magical mornings together already. First I couldn’t sleep until three, then you woke me up at three, a few times.)

It’s 7:20 now. The house is still chilly – just how we like it at night. I can hear the water heater firing up, and all the baseboards creaking as they fill with their hot water to warm us up for the morning.

I hope you come soon!



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>Alright, y’all. I know I’ve fallen off my game a little bit – I’ve given myself a bit too MUCH leeway since the end of November (and the end of NaBloPoMo). So sorry! Trust me when I say I’ve been filling my spare time with equally unneccessary tasks and to-do lists. (Just today I baked six loaves of pumpkin bread to give to friends for the holidays…and served my family a stew of tough meat, delicious broth and half-cooked potato slices. Yummy! It’s all in the priorities, right?)

So, today is December 8. That would mean that there are ten days until December 18. (You following me here?) That pretty much means this little man could make his Grand Entrance any time between now and, oh…New Years Day!

So, here’s the deal: When is my baby going to be born? I’m taking guesses (because I figure yours is as good as mine!).

Here’s some hints:
1) BBJ was born 6 days early, after a teeny bit of “help” from my friendly OB.
2) BBJ was 8.7 oz…and six days early. (Please let this kid either be equally early…or significantly smaller!)

That’s it! That’s really all the help I can give you. Oh, but trust me – you want to guess on this one. The winner gets (are you ready for this?!): to be on the “first wave” e-mail list when he DOES arrive! You’ll get it all – pics, stats, and bragging rights!

So, are you in? Just leave a comment of shoot me an e-mail and let me know – When is this kid gonna come? (Dad, I already have your guess. 😉 No worries! I’ll do my best to hold off until then.)

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>What the…?!

>Can I just point out, please, that the little Baby Ticker on the side of my blog just informed me that I have 18 days until my due date?

Excuse me? 18 days?!

Girls – spill. I want birth stories. Specifically, I want to know the TRUTH of this Mommy Myth:

“If your first was early, all the rest will be early, and their labor and delivery times will be quicker and quicker.”

From Bubba Bubbles

BBJ was born on a beautiful Friday morning approximately 38 hours after I felt my first contraction. I have no idea when the “real labor” started. All I know is I checked myself into the hospital after 12 hours of contractions, and was sent home three hours later for “lack of progress” and told to return when the contractions were so bad I could neither see nor speak during one. (That’s the point when I started to cry and the nurse could NOT figure out why!) That point finally came that evening, after another 14 hours at home. My epidural was administered four hours LATER, I was declared “ready to push” another four hours after THAT…and within seconds, everyone in the room knew that BBJ was the proud owner of a head of black hair. (She crowned on the first push.) The next hour was a series of push…and wait…push…and wait, trying to get the doctor to the hospital. She was born at about 5 am on a Friday, a full six days before her due date.

From Bubba Bubbles

So, you tell me – am I looking at D-Day in about 12 days? ‘Cause if I AM, there are some things I need to do first! I’m not exactly sure WHAT….but there are definitely some THINGS I need to do. (Alright, fine- what do I need to do to get ready, mamas? I don’t care HOW you came by your children – blood, sweat, tears, airplanes, trains or boats…tell me what YOU did to get ready to bring them home!)

What do I need to do to get ready to bring this second one home? And was the Mommy Myth true for you, if you delivered your children? (I had my second “check” last week – I’m still at only 1 cm. Next check is on Wednesday – I’ll let you know. :-))

From Bubba Bubbles

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