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Just a Normal Morning

Daddy is on Paternity Leave (week 2 of 4). This is what mornings look like around here. Video games. Muffins. Groceries still to be put away from yesterday’s Costco run. Baby YY chilling in her bouncy seat. You know. The usual. (Those eyes, you guys. THOSE EYES. Mesmerizing. She is such a chill baby.)

I’m loving it.


(Recipe for the muffins here. They are whole wheat, and whole orange! Seriously. I chucked an entire peeled orange into the blender to make those things, and they were delicious.)

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There was this week. This really, really cold week. The temperature never got above freezing. Every day, I got e-mails from my father (vacationing in South America) about the beautiful weather. Every day the hoarfrost got thicker and thicker. Every day the ice crystals under loose dirt in the yard, and under gravel on the paths, got taller. 


It was a pretty amazing week.

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I know you’re all waiting on pins and needles to see how this pregnancy is going.


(Wait, you didn’t know I was pregnant? SURPRISE! 2012 was a doozy of a year, and the fun just doesn’t stop.)

My official due date is January 27th..or the 30th, depending on who you ask. Either way, I’m just past the 37 week mark, which means the baby is officially “done cooking.” Because I’m a martyr, I’ll go ahead and tell you that my belly is about 47″ around, and I’ve gained just a bit over 30 pounds. (For me? This is an amazingly low number. I kept up with my Zumba workouts this time around, and it’s made a HUGE difference. Viva la Zumba!)

A fantastic friend came over while Lo Gung was out of town just after Christmas and helped me finish the nursery. My awesome brother in law used his massive truck to pick up the nursery furniture from Costco. So, the nursery is finished.

I have a pile of clothes laid out for me and the baby. All I’m lacking is an actual BAG and the requisite electronics, and my Hospital Bag will be ready to go. I also need to pack bags for my two littles, for them to take to their Aunt’s house in case this shin dig turns into a sleep over.

My pre-registration for the hospital is filled out and was electronically submitted this morning.

Tuesday night, I slept HORRIBLY. (There was a really fantastic rain storm – it sounded like a thousand cats tap-dancing on my bedroom window. For 8 hours. Lo Gung didn’t sleep either.) The good news was that the resulting exhaustion led to a fairly convincing dress-rehearsal for my contractions. Yup, 5-10 minutes apart, several remarkably painful, and about 30-60 seconds long each, all day long. And yet…here I am, sitting in my bed at home the next day, no baby to be seen. More good news? My iPhone app has a fantastic contraction counter. Works like a dream – even gives me average times, and lets me know how long it’s been since my last contraction. Pretty slick.

Now we just wait. Hoping to meet this little dragon child soon!

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There is a fairly new app for the Microsoft Surface, built to share photos straight to Facebook (instead of the clunky, current method of saving to sky drive, sharing the photo from there, and then inadvertently sharing your ENTIRE stream on your wall. Oops.)

After I found it, I told Lo Gung about it. “Honey, there’s an app called “foo” that will help you share photos.” Only it’s not SPELLED “foo.” So, when he asked a few minutes later for the name of the app, I decided to spell it out for him so he could search for it. It went like this:
“Hey, what was the name of that app??”



(Seriously, who NAMED that app?!)

(Oh, and? The app works great. Just FYI.)

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This Little Man



This is Siu Jeun.


This dude is the reason I’m as grey as I am. He’s also the reason I get up in the morning.

I mean that literally. He’s more punctual than any alarm clock. The day he learned how to turn on cartoons for himself was a happy, happy day.


This dude touches everything. EVERYTHING. He will bend it, tap it, study it. He’s the one who will stare at a simple machine for a few minutes while you chat with a friend, and then suddenly pull on your sleeve and tell you how it works.


He gives the best hugs, but you’d better take them when he offers…because it might be hours (or days) until he feels like sitting still long enough to give you another one.

He’ll sit still for stories, though. For a little while. Just until he figures out that whatever issue has arisen in the book IS, in fact, going to be resolved. Until then, he’s on the edge of his seat, brow furrowed, mouth agape, waiting for the Happy Ending. Because life always must have a Happy Ending.

He can watch an entire movie (like, oh, Brave, for example) and learn nothing but how to moon someone. “Feast yer eyes!!” Fantastic.

He dances with abandon, until he notices you watching him. Then he’s as stiff as stone. But give him some space, and he just can’t help it. His little hiney twitches from side to side. His mouth curls up into a smirk. His arms are passing back and forth in what look like perfect mimicry of Ninja Moves. Suddenly, he strikes a pose…and the song in his head is done. He continues on his way, like nothing ever happened.


He is my Booger. My Prince. My Dude.

(And he can rock a Dora tricycle like nobody’s business.)

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Oh, So Glamorous

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